Waking Up to the Three Faces of God

Practicing the Three Faces of God

We are evolving Christians dedicated to practicing each and all of the three faces of God in our local settings and together in an online network for the purposes of growth, support, and collaboration.

The Infinite Face of God

1. Reflecting about God beyond us

Understanding that the I Am God of infinite being is beyond us and our understanding, we find that, like Jesus, we must reflect as best we can about this infinite, intimate, inner God. We may immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, meaningful art and music, conversations with others on the spiritual path, and reading, listening to, and dialoguing with enlightened teachers who have reflected about God down through the ages and today.


The Intimate Face of God

2. relating to God beside us

In opening up to a heart-centered personal relationship with God, we embrace God as a divine, intimate presence beside us. We experience the living presence of God, Jesus, and sometimes other saints (such as Mary) by moving out of our head and into our heart.  The divine presence cannot be accessed by thinking or mental gymnastics. It is letting that which is already true — God is with us — become an experienced friendship. This is not done in ordinary consciousness but in awakened, subtle awareness that allows the sacred energy fields of the divine beings that surround us to channel wisdom, guidance, healing, and love to us.

The Inner Face of God

3. resting as God being us

Resting as God begins by sinking down into your heart — seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing everything and everyone from this place of vast Cosmic Oneness. Focus on the vast heart space quickly takes our attention away from the mind to increasingly sense the infinite love radiating from our deep, divine, true, inner Self —there is no separation there between us and God, and us and one another.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where we could actually practice each of these Three Faces in a community with others who understand and pursue the same experiences?

That’s exactly what we do in WeSpace groups!