What’s a wespace group?

A WeSpace group is a collective community of practice focused on growth, healing, and transformation through intersubjective energy and love. It is a movement from spiritual practice that tends to only dwell in the space within or perhaps in the transcendent beyond, to include and even focus on the space among us.

“Two or more together with spiritual purpose and awakened consciousness elevates the level and intensity of the experience of God’s presence.”
—Paul Smith

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Why wespace?

Many postmodern Christians have neglected or lost both the WeSpace with God and/or Jesus and other spiritual guides – and also the WeSpace with others on the same journey. They favor the IT Space of reflection on ideas and mental content, sometimes along with I Space of inner identification with the Divine. This may seem safer, but it is also more lonely. For instance, meditation, contemplation, and/or Centering Prayer tends to be resting in our own identification with God, sometimes in the presence of others. WeSpace practice includes that but expands to interacting with spiritual presences in awakened consciousness and with one another in ways that encourage and expand everyone’s journey.

“This process is supported through consistent welcome into the awakened, compassionate, relational field, which is the very essence of our transmission.”
—Sandra Glickman & Deborah Boyar

are these like centering prayer groups?

Not quite. They are similar to centering prayer in that the emphasis is on practice. However, Centering Prayer’s primary area of operation is in the causal space, even eschewing subtle or mystical manifestations. This practice certainly has value, but tends to address only the first-person face of God. In this way, Centering Prayer times are solitary—even when practiced with a group.

But rather than being alone with God together, WeSpace groups are about being together with God together. The focus of the energy field of these groups is shared in the space between us, in contrast to only inside or outside us.

“This ‘higher I’ that they have discovered must have a ‘higher We’ as a correlate.”
—Ken Wilber

Why would I join this network?

Because the work of evolution is not a solo endeavor. However, those of us who continue on the path of growth often find ourselves lonely within the landscapes of our churches and local communities. Where are the others on the path forward into deeper spectrum of Christian love and expression? Hopefully, here.

The hope for this network is for it to be a space of connection, support, and collaboration. We hope that you might find meaningful relationships with like-hearted spiritual seekers. We hope that you might find advice, affirmation, and loving support in your spiritual journey and integral Christian endeavors. We hope that you might even find collaborators who share a common vision, embracing one another in the creative work which is our act of worship.

And because of the emphasis on practice. Forums and learning opportunities abound, but real growth happens through the application of these ideas in our lives, and through dedicated practice together and within a community that is often difficult to find.

“The only love which brings true happiness is that which is expressed in a spiritual progress effected in common.”
—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

can anyone join this network?

This network is a fully inclusive community. We welcome people of all identities and self-definitions. As of now, we are only able to extend our offerings to the English-speaking world, though we would be happy to help facilitate groups in other languages.

Is this only for Christians?

Yes and no. Yes, because we seek a sense of exclusivity for purpose as a reflection of the common language we share in experiencing the Divine. We allow for any personal definition of the word, and welcome any expression of authentic Christ-following. No, because people who do not claim the title “Christian” are still welcome in this network, though with the expectation that the center of this community is engaging with the Three Faces of God primarily through the broad Christian tradition.

Everyone is welcome to explore the website, connect in the variety of ways we offer, and even join WeSpace groups. To participate in the network we do expect a commonality for the purpose of focused growth and loving evolution primarily in the Christian language, of course with all its many dialects.

“We don’t need a new religion — just a more evolved version of our old one!”
—Ken Wilber

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out with any further questions by emailing us at: admin@integralchristiannetwork.com