Summer Newsletter

Toward a More Evolved Christianity

Since launching on Epiphany of this year, we’ve seen Integral Christian Network grow and find resonance literally across the globe. It makes sense though. It’s so easy for evolving Christians to feel lonely. To feel disconnected and isolated from their local communities. For some time it’s been a given that those who follow the deeper path do so by themselves, apart from community and disconnected from support. No longer.

You all have found each other. You have gathered here in this digital space in various ways. On the simplest level, it’s comforting to just know that there are others out there who are on the same path, who share the journey from a distance. We read and learn, we soak it in, we practice by ourselves with the knowledge and awareness of a larger community beyond.

There are also the more active ways of entering in with one another, and that is what we’ve been exploring in our WeSpace groups. We’ve had wonderful feedback from these first groups, as you’ll see below. These online communities engaging the mystical, experiential reality of evolving Christianity are the forefront of integrated, collective practice. They are spaces of deep spiritual connection, community, and growth.

We are still currently enrolling, with another group set to begin shortly. We will also offer a whole new slate of groups coming this fall, updating the process and practice with all we’ve learned from these early experiences.

We are still exploring other pathways for loving evolution, and we need your help. We need you and your creative expressions, your heart energy and love, your presence and perspective. This is not a journey we take alone. The path of evolution will require us all.

Keep reading to see some of the exciting ways that people are practicing evolution in the network.


From Stacy G. - Calhoun, KY

"WeSpace has profoundly expanded and opened my heart space. It's been quite a new experience for me to have like minded individuals collectively send their Love and Energy to each One in the group after Centering and Meditating. I can actually feel my heart expanding during this process to all present and It continues out into my everyday life. I feel this practice is a channel for more Love to flow through me to others and just continues to expand outward while the Spirit is very much Present. 

If you are a Seeker, I would highly recommend experiencing WeSpace."

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 1.44.09 PM.png

From Kinga B - Barcelona, Spain

"I am swimming in gratitude right now and if I was not so fulfilled I would be moved to tears that after over 2 decades of being alone in my individual Integral Christian perspective (I did not even know that that's what it was for a long time) I have found my people online, spread all over the world as we are - and as good salt should be."

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Rev. Jerry Farrell is the senior minister of Unity in the Gold County in California. He has been a Catholic priest, a hospice chaplain and a Unity minister in his 33 years of ministry, melding the mystical with the rational/practical side of his spiritual journey/ministry. His church includes the Integral Christian Network website on its website under “Partnering.” Recently he emailed Paul about his recent board retreat and gave his permission for us to share his email with you.

Paul, I wanted to let you know about a board retreat that we had yesterday. We started out with the meditation for the head, then the heart and the gut. I had people explore those and then journal on what happened or came up for them. Needless to say there was some really powerful imagery and sharing that came about from those three meditations. One woman found a hippie hiding behind the ego in her gut!
Then we redid the meditations asking the question “Who am I” in each of those centers, of the head, the heart and the gut. And again people were given great wisdom from each of the centers, with the answer having a different flavor each time.
Then we redid the meditations again but this time asking the question “what is my purpose in being on the board”. Once again people came up with amazing stuff. All of this took up the morning. Then we had lunch. And after lunch we had our annual board business meeting or mutual ministry review. And I made the decision that we would answer two questions from the three centers while in meditation. The first question was “what are we doing right”, and the second question was “what could we do better or improve”. Again, it was fascinating to see what the head or the heart and the gut had to say, and how they answered these two questions.

At any rate I simply wanted to share with you how we have been using your material. At the end of the day the 10 people in attendance just raved about the whole experience. So many thanks, you are helping us all to process in a wonderful way.

In great appreciation.
Rev Jerry Farrell

Thanks, Jerry for sharing this and spreading work of Integral Christian Network. If any others of you have stories to tell, do let us hear them.
With gratitude,
Paul and Luke

We want you to be a part of forging the way ahead for the future of a more evolved, loving, practicing Christianity of tomorrow. Just one of the ways to do that is with your financial contribution.

To continue to evolve and grow in our scope and vision, we need your support. Every dollar you contribute is a dollar that can free up time for further work and investment into WeSpace groups, community building, further writings, and other new pathways waiting to emerge.

Please consider partnering in the work of loving evolution by becoming a monthly donor. With sincere gratitude and humble appreciation.