What Goes on in a WeSpace Group?

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For a WeSpace group of Integral Christian practitioners, I can only share what happens in the evolving WeSpace group I am a part of. New and better models may emerge, but that awaits more Integral Christian Network WeSpace groups forming and meeting. A WeSpace group in our network is made up of five to seven people who want to personally practice the Three Faces of God in the spiritual journey. They meet locally or online, usually about every other week for an hour and a half to two hours.

The group I am a part of has three main segments:


1. Checking In

“What’s happened in your world since we were last together?”

We take time for about 30 minutes for each of us to briefly share whatever we would like. It’s important to engage in the details of our lives—this is the relational field we most commonly operate in with others, but we should not discount it even in the pursuit of deeper connections.

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2. Co-Meditation/Prayer

These three segments comprise our meditation/prayer time:

An insight timer cell phone app has been set for 20 minutes, with an interval bell after 15 minutes, and the opening chime to begin the first time.


A. Silence within us  —  15 minutes

“Let’s set our intention on going within and entering the highest states of consciousness available to us.”

Many practitioners come with their own history of practice, language of expression, and most comfortable states of being. This is the time to engage in that inner space in the ways that we know. However, the following are the states and experiences as we have named them. 

The Silence is a time of inner awakening to spiritual realities that we are not usually aware of in normal consciousness. These are primarily of two kinds: the relating realm of subtle awakened consciousness and the resting realm of causal transcendent formlessness.

For fifteen minutes we sit quietly while each person enters these spaces to the degree that they are able. You can be anywhere on the journey from beginner to advanced. Some of these states may be currently beyond your experience, but don’t let that bother you. These groups will be a great place to  learn to access these very things.

The relating realm of subtle awakened consciousness

Opening to this dimension involves being heart-sensitive to the spiritual energy and the presences in and around us, such as God, Jesus, Mary, and other spiritual guides. This realm includes intuitions, visions, words, and other sensations and events in this almost dream-like spiritual realm of non-ordinary consciousness.  

The resting realm of causal transcendent consciousness

Opening to this dimension involves resting into the vast and deep formless. The individual forms of the subtle space tend to disappear the deeper one sinks into the bliss of pure being. The mind is empty, and the heart is full.

One may move back and forth between these two spaces or move to an observing place. Also called the witness state, this is where one is resting in the causal ocean of formless bliss while observing the world from a place of peaceful Oneness.               

One senses that there is no separation between us and God — and between us and one another. Jesus called this the Realm of God.

 B. Silence among us — 5 minutes

Let’s set our intention on silently connecting with the spiritual energy fields among us right now”   (Eventually unspoken, as group learns the rhythm of the segments)


At the sound of the gong, our intention moves toward becoming conscious of the identifiable energy fields that exist among us, between us, and the spiritual realities with whom we are connecting. Participants may even change their posture and/or hand positions to reflect this shift.

Here we take the inner work we have done in Silence Within Us and carry it into the WeSpace. We can engage with the subtle awakened realm as it is manifest in the space between the entire group, as it radiates from each member, and as it connects beyond the physically present group. Can we also discover a collective transcendence in the causal ocean of which we all exist? As the ebb of a wave surges and sinks with many drops that have become one, can we experience that we are not alone—even in our own formless identity?

See if you can feel the energy shift. What flows between and among us? How does your body respond? What do you have to offer to the others in this time? Can you sense what you might be receiving?

 C. Transmitting between us — 10 minutes or more

“Now let’s set our intention to openness to spoken devotional prayer and sending healing, awakening, spiritual energy to each person here.”

At the final gong, the group moves into intentional engagement with each of the members of the group. Attention settles on each person for a short period of time (1-2 minutes, with space for more if needed). The facilitator for that day—or another so moved—names who will be first, then the attention moves around the circle with time for each participant.

While the attention is focused on an individual, everyone else transmits love, spiritual energy, and healing to him or her. This can happen in comfortable silence or in spoken words—sharing pictures, images, sensations, and intuitions that arise within us from awakened consciousness/spirit.

This time can also flow into spoken devotional prayer, communication with God, Jesus, or spiritual guides, and whatever the spirit (awakened consciousness) might call forth, with sensitivity to everyone in the group.

When this time seems to settle, the facilitator can gently transition into the sharing segment.


3. Sharing

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The facilitator may ring another gong, or ask a question, or simply hold the group until everyone slowly opens their eyes and quietly reenters whatever is their normal state of consciousness—while retaining as much of the previous heart space as possible. As much as they feel comfortable, everyone can share their experiences from the Silence Within, Silence Between, and Transmitting to One Another segments. Participants can ask questions about the shared experience, or reflect further on words or images shared.  

While sharing inner experiences can sometimes be intimidating, the openness to explore and offer even that which we don’t understand or can’t explain so often clears the way for the discovery of shared experiences and connections during the time that otherwise would be unknown. This is often where emergence is discovered, especially when we find the courage to risk speaking before knowing. 

When those that want to share have done so, the leader moves onto anything left in the meeting agenda in any remaining time.