Individual Whole Body Mystical Awakening

This practice can take from five or six minutes to an hour or more. You can do one part or more, or all of it. I often take about twenty minutes to do it all.

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1.      Start with your Heart

Focus on your heart in receiving love and attention from God, Jesus, and other spiritual entities. Soak up the bliss of being filled and surrounded by love—God’s favorite disguise. God is love and so God comes to us in all forms of love and, most deeply, transcendent love.

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2.     Spread to your Head

Move up into your head space, resting there as you are filled with in the experience of vast, spacious stillness. When   ready, sink back down to your heart, carrying the sense of transcendence with you in the background.

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3.     Chummy with your Tummy.

Sink down to your spiritual womb, your gut. Residing here is our intuitive self, with the ability to understand or know something without conscious reasoning.

Here you connect to your core self, your divine identity which is accessed not by conceptualizing or thinking, but by intuition and sensation.

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4.     Treat your Feet

When you are ready to be charged up, make sure your feet are planted firmly on the floor. Move your awareness down to your feet, feeling them planted and rooted in the grounding of the earth and even the material whole cosmos itself. From there we soak up the earth energy. that is the We experience the grounding and centering that comes from divine material reality. 

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5.      Impart your Heart

When you are grounded and centered, move back up through your gut with that earth energy to your heart. This time let the love flow there move out to others. Send this energetic love out as you also embrace your connection with all. healing energy, light, and blessing.  


6.     Riser your Geyser

You are a geyser of love and healing shooting up through and from you. It flows out onto others. Let this become devotion in motion by reaching down to your feet with both hands and feel the energy move up through your body like a flowing geyser until your hands are raised high in the air.

And rivers of living water shall flow from their inner self.   — Jesus

Whole Body Awakening

Whole Body Awakening

The reflections, images, and words that come to the MIND are accessed through contact with the head and forehead.

The deep feelings of the HEART are retrieved through contact with the center of the chest, arms, our and hands.

Our intuition and core identity are connected with through contact with our hands on our lower abdomen or SPIRITUAL WOMB.

Our body vital energy is accessed through contact with the FEET and legs drawn up from the earth grounding.

These physical areas are entryways into the depths of being present and associated ways of spiritual knowing.