Contemplative Transmission

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Transmission — Part II

Previously, in Part One, we began our exploration of the third segment of a WeSpace time —Transmitting Between us. We looked at channeling love, healing, and states of divine/human-spirit-breath consciousness in the history of Christianity and other religious traditions.

What about transmission in Christianity today?

(If you’re interested, you can read about some current traditional church expressions of transmission here.)  

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Contemplative Christian Prayer and Meditation

In Centering Prayer and other forms of Christian meditation the focus is usually on a still mind. All thoughts, images, physical sensations, and feelings are seen as distractions. In integral terminology, a still mind is intended to help one enter a first person transcendent causal state of consciousness which is an I space. Other forms, such as becoming aware of being aware and self-inquiry, use third person IT space awareness to shift one from identifying with thoughts and feelings to identifying with consciousness itself. These are wonderful practices, but alone miss out on transmission or catalytic directed spirit-breath-consciousness, which is a second person WE space. What if we integrated this transcendent consciousness and witnessing into a WeSpace? What if we were able to transmit this inner growth into a collective field?

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Contemplative Transmission

Transmission occurs when the expanded consciousness of one person intentionally acts as what appears to be a channel—via their heart energy field—to another person’s heart energy field. This is facilitated by the recipient’s preparation and openness. From the outside, it looks like something from Point A was transmitted to Point B.

However, from the inside, it may be more accurately described as a person (or a group) serving as a catalyst for moving others from one state of consciousness to a more expanded one. I call this the “catalytic effect” of directed spirit-breath-consciousness.

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A spiritual catalyst is a person who speeds up the spiritual process in others without themselves losing anything of intrinsic value in the process. In fact, the act of transmitting can even increase the consciousness capacity of the transmitter as well!

We are always immersed in and merged with God as divine beings on a human journey, but our awareness and attention has long been on other things. We do not sense and feel the ocean we are swimming in, which is not only all around us but in us, too. The awakened spiritual catalytic presence of others can wake us up to that transforming reality! 

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This transmission process is not as far out as it sounds. Human beings in general are always transmitting their fundamental energetic state. If you are around somebody who is joyously happy, you tend to feel that happiness, too. If they are radiating a deep peace, you’ll tend to feel that. Likewise, if you are around somebody who is profoundly depressed, you will tend to feel sad as well. As you grow and develop in the path of Waking Up, and you attain higher and higher states of consciousness, you will to some degree transmit those states, and the people around you will notice them.
— Ken Wilber, as quoted in Spiritual Transmission by Amir Freimann

You and Transmission

Beyond this common, unintentional transmission there is a powerful way of becoming an intentional transmitter and a catalytic person. People tend to think of it taking years of practice to be able to experience a subtle awakened or casual transcendent state of consciousness. But with transmission, depending on the circumstances, one can enter it in a few seconds. A person who is consciously immersed in and merged with God can prepare others so that they become vehicles, or conduits, for their own transmissions. Heart-based WeSpace groups are especially conducive to inviting spiritually awakened higher consciousness.

Transmission will flow in your life when you decide to become an intentional channel for it. You can change your thinking from "what can this blog, book, teaching, teacher, and transmission do for me?" to "how can I become a channel for the transmission of spirit-breath-awakened consciousness?"

We cannot reach our own ultimate without emerging from ourselves by uniting ourselves with others, in such a way as to develop through this union an added measure of consciousness—a process which conforms to the great law of complexity
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

So how do we actually do this? What are some concrete examples of practicing this in a WeSpace group? That will be the subject of Part Three next week!