WeSpace in the Bible

Emmaus 2.jpg

Road to Emmaus by Robyn Sand Anderson

The eloquent painting above is a picture of a WeSpace group in the early Christian tradition. In the scene on the left, we see two followers of Jesus walking along the road to Emmaus. They are reflecting with, as far as they knew, a stranger, about Jesus and recent events. In the scene on the right, they are sitting together, relating in ever deepening connection. When their consciousness was finally awakened, they realized that this was Jesus himself! Only he was now present with them in a new way — in his spiritual body which knew no limitations of appearance, time, or space.  

Beyond reflecting and relating, we can see a third spiritual practice here as these two friends of Jesus — either here or as they did later —move from only relating to Jesus in communion to also resting in their deepest identity of mystical union, as divine spiritual beings on a human journey. Just like Jesus did. This kind of “sitting at the table with Jesus” is now often referred to by various groups as worship, Communion, Eucharist and/or the deep meditative state of blissful union with God.

The original intention for these various “sitting at the table with Jesus” events of worship, Communion, Eucharist and/or the deep meditative state of blissful union with God was to actually experience the presence of God, Jesus, and, at times, other saints. Today, whether individuals actually enter that sacred WeSpace or not depends on their intention and what kind of mystical experiences of higher consciousness they have been introduced to. In our network we want to acquaint all who join us with the three practices of reflecting about, relating to, and resting as God, Jesus and other spiritual realities’ in fresh and deeper ways.

To be honest, we find much reflecting about God in Christian groups, but not as much experiencing the presence of God and deep inner identification with God. Thinking — reflection — is a way to honor God with our minds. However, as followers of Jesus, we are invited to more than think — rather, to love God with all of our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

Learning about deep inner practices in transforming ways seems to be an often-limited option, even for those who attend churches regularly. Those who go off-base and find groups that affirm such helpful practices as Centering Prayer and meditation, can find that prayer and Jesus are dismissed as embarrassing. Actual heart-centered integral prayer is unheard of, and Jesus may be considered too exclusive or part of a rejected past. 

Where do progressive, post-moderns, and integrally-informed Christians go learn about the deeper meditative and prayer practices where Jesus and integral prayer are fully integrated into their practice?  Where do we find higher stage second-person practices both with spiritual realties and others on the same journey?  

In the Three Faces of God WeSpace we integrate all of these practices and bring them into the energy fields of others on the same journey. In WeSpace, we find reflecting about God, relating to God, and resting as God is even more transforming while we are in touch in a heart-centered way with a collective involved in the same inner practices.

Come experience it with us!

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