Becoming a Transmitter


Transmission  –  Part Three

In my previous blog I used the phrases “energy field” and “heart field” since this is a crucial part of a WeSpace group. What is a spiritual energy or heart field?

At a minimum it is what is called an electromagnetic field. Everybody has an electromagnetic field, which is created when electrical current flows. We are full of nerves sending electrical messages all over our bodies all the time. We are all charged up all the time! As you can see from the diagram, the human body radiates out an electromagnetic field that is generated most strongly by the heart. Recent research has further explored other associated energy fields, sometimes named as etheric, morphogenic, and/or spiritual energetic fields.

A growing body of evidence suggests that such energetic fields can form between individuals in a group. In other words, there is a literal group “field” that connects all the members. If we understand spirit as human/divine consciousness in all its forms, the entire cosmos is permeated with this field! And it is this field where we can intentionally transmit spiritual energy to one another.

inactivated or Activated

inactivated or Activated

Activating your heart field to expanded spirit-breath consciousness

The heart’s electromagnetic field is by far the most powerful produced by the body; it’s approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. It can be measured many feet away from us by sensitive devices. The electromagnetic field generated by the heart envelops the entire body and extends out in all directions into the space around us.

Positive feelings of love, care, appreciation and other uplifting emotional qualities long-associated with the heart activate a state of “heart coherence” or coming into harmony with divine-spirit-breath. Increased heart coherence results in a deeper connectedness between people.

The frequency of the heart’s electromagnetic field changes dramatically in different emotional states. Frustration produces an incoherent signal, while gratitude and appreciation creates a harmonious, coherent one. Core heart feelings such as compassion and care, generate coherence in the heart’s field, while stressful feelings produce incoherence. The resulting energy is transmitted throughout our bodies, and the fact that it radiates outside of the body as well has tremendous spiritual and social implications.


What are some of these implications for our spiritual practice? How do we reflect a greater inter-subjectivity in our spiritual experience? How do we more consciously engage energetically with one another? Can we shift the energy in a group in a humble and loving way? These are some of the questions transmitters are asking, with many more still to be discovered. WeSpace groups are a place to practice and discover within these emerging spiritual dynamics.

Here is one process for tuning our hearts into expanded spirit-breath consciousness (heart coherence) and transmitting spiritual energy to others.

hand holding heart abstract final.jpg

Heart Activation in Five Steps

1. In the “Silence among us” segment of the group time, close your eyes, and shift your attention away from the mind or head, and focus your attention on your physical heart. See yourself as if you are breathing slowly in and out through your heart for ten or fifteen seconds.

2. Bring up positive feelings of gratitude, appreciation, love, and/or compassion for something or someone (including God, Jesus, and guides) in your life whom it’s easy for you to love. Or remember those same feelings you have for a person or persons in the group you are transmitting to. Try to stay with those feelings for a few minutes.

3. Now gently radiate those feelings of love, care, and/or appreciation to others in the group. If you not feeling all that great, first send those feelings to yourself!

4. As head thoughts come in, bring your focus gently back to the area in and around your heart. If the energy seems too intense or blocked, try to feel a softness in the heart and relax.

5. Know that you are transmitting expanded spirit-breath-consciousness as spiritual energy to others.

(Adapted from Heart Intelligent and The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin)

Part IV will explore some practical experiences and examples of starting to engage in transmission.