Listening to God in AWE

Listening for Divine Instruction  by Shiloh Sophie McCloud

Listening for Divine Instruction by Shiloh Sophie McCloud


Transmission — Part IV

In my previous blog, we explored the part of transmission that is awakened consciousness moving out via our energy fields to one another. Another part of transmission is listening to God for one another (as well as for ourselves).  How do we listen to God in such a noisy world? And when we do think we hear, how do we recognize the divine voice as different from our own? 

We don’t hear God from on high.

Rather, we listen to God by listening inwardly to our own heart where God whispers in “ a still, small, voice” (1 Kings 19:12). This is where God-Being-Us speaks most intimately and powerfully.

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In transmission, we then share with others those inner promptings such as words, sounds, music, movements, impressions, images, sensations, and intuitions that come to us which might be encouraging, challenging, and strengthening for them.

In his New Testament letters, Paul used the word προφητεύητε (prophēteuēte) which is usually translated as “that you may prophesy.” This describes the wide-spread practice of the first Christians of listening inwardly to God and sharing publicly what they heard.  The word “prophecy” carries a lot of negative baggage in today’s culture, so I do not use it. Instead I translate it as “awakened inner promptings.”

Listen to the Healing Voice Within  by Rita Loyd

Listen to the Healing Voice Within by Rita Loyd

My translation of Paul’s words in I Cor. 14:3 is, “The one who speaks awakened inner promptings speaks to others for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.” Who doesn’t need that!

Genuine awakened inner promptings never are used for coercion or manipulation. They are not to exercise authority or power over another. Ego can always get in the way though, and divine guidance is always subject to misunderstanding, shaping, and interpreting. Hearing from God, Jesus, or guides is always the reality of the guidance and the part we play in receiving and interpreting it. This does not lessen their reality but is the realization that God is always partnering with us in creative evolutionary living. If it doesn’t strengthen, encourage, and comfort then it is not from God. It takes humility and courage, discernment and a sort of audacity, and most of all practice and feedback.

Practicing this is carried out best in an environment where we feel free to experiment. WeSpace groups open to transmission are ideal because they are not noisy, they are filled with love, and there is freedom to experiment. I use the word “practice” because, if we are not used to this form of transmission, we need some time to find out how this works best for us and what is helpful to others.

Here’s the AWE process:


1.    Activate your heart space by dropping down from your head to your heart.

In the beginning you might use the five steps from my previous blog. As you become comfortable with this you may no longer need to remember positive feelings for someone in order to open your heart. Rather, you can permanently open the pathway to the depths of your heart space which is naturally filled with gratitude, love, bliss, and Oneness.  You then instantly access your heart by simply dropping down into it. In a WeSpace group, you will have already entered this time in the Silence within us.

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2.    Wait for any words, sounds, music, movements, impressions, images, sensations, and intuitions that arise in you that might be for the group or an individual in the group.  

At first you may have questions about this. Am I hearing God? Am I making this up? Is this my imagination?  Is this coming from my need to be accepted, to be impressive, to be needed, to look spiritual? As one grows, and stops attaching to the ego, those ego-based needs will begin to lessen and disappear.

In the meantime, you can realize your motives may never be 100% pure, so go ahead and:

Reach Out  by Philip Zimmer

Reach Out
by Philip Zimmer

3.    Engage the group with what you are experiencing. 

Don’t figure it all out ahead of time. Just begin speaking and the rest will come.

It may feel uncomfortable at first to share—we all have different fears and hang-up. But trust that you are offering in love and that it can be received or released by the person hearing it. In time you learn to discern more the quality of inner awakened promptings as somewhat distinct from your own normal mental activity.  

It may seem easier and safer to just remain in private, individual practice. But the subtle realm is full of wisdom, care, and encouragement that we shouldn’t neglect. Engaging with others in this way takes us beyond ourselves and into deep, meaningful spiritual connections. I can personally attest to the benefits of years of regularly being with others who listen to God in this way for me as I do for them.

Ready to practice yourself? Join a WeSpace group and embark on your evolutionary development with transmission!