Tuning In to One Another

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Silence Among Us — Part One

In these writings, I’ve been looking at the three segments of the contemplative time in our WeSpace groups. The last several writings have been focusing on Transmitting Between Us. I’d now like to turn the attention onto the second part: Silence Among Us. Here are the three parts again:

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“Let’s set our intention on going within and entering the highest states of consciousness available to us.”

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Let’s set our intention on silently connecting with the spiritual energy fields among us right now.” 

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“Let’s set our intention to openness to spoken devotional prayer and sending healing, awakening, spiritual energy to each person here.”

In Silence among us we leave the Silence within us of our own one-person inner prayer room and become aware of the others in our group.

I love the first two lines of the classic hymn Come Thou Font of Every Blessing:

Come, thou Fount of every blessing, 
Tune my heart to sing thy grace. 

In Silence among us I allow God to “tune my heart” so that I can tune in to the others in the group. I can then sing the grace of God to them, flowing out gratitude, love, healing, and spiritual connection.

We do this, first, by moving into our heart space if we are not already there.  You may find Activating our Heart in Five Steps helpful here. What are we doing when we are sitting quietly connecting to the presence of the others in our group? How does that work? For one thing, with practice and attunement, it is possible to sense the shape of the heart energy radiating off each person in the group. If this seems beyond where you are, you are in good company. We are all learners and I am still learning how to do this, too.

Human electromagnetic field

Human electromagnetic field

Research has shown that the electromagnetic field of the heart extends beyond the body. As yet, instruments can measure the heart’s field no more than eight to ten feet away from the body, but indications are that it’s also a nonlocal field that transcends time and space. Physicists have proposed models that connect electromagnetic theory with an inherently nonlinear, nonlocal multidimensional domain that operates under holographic principles. These models, although not yet scientifically proven, help explain how the heart’s field could extend for miles and possibly across the world. Recent research has also found that the human body can act as an aerial with the capability to send and receive energy to and from its environment. This also includes energy exchange to and from other people.

Have you ever tried to do this energetically? Spiritually? Has it ever happened to you almost in a way you felt was beyond your control? Like music in the air coming within earshot, spiritual energy often reaches us when we’re not expecting it. Sometimes it feels fainter than others. In Silence Among Us, we’re bringing into our meditation practice the training of attunement and awareness to these realities. We’re learning to hear the music of spirit.

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We can use our intuition to experience that feeling of energetically and emotionally synchronizing with others via our energy fields. When we are deeply in tune with our own heart space, we can often sense the aura or flow of energy in others. For some, this is often visually experienced with colors and images. Other times it is just felt in a deeper sense.

In our WeSpace times, in addition to the individual fields of energy, there is also a strong group field of energy that coalesces and intensifies the spiritual energy that can be felt by the group. In the WeSpace group I am a part of I have felt the force of the group field pushing strongly against my open hands when they were held facing the group.

There seems to be a connection between the physical heart and the energetic or spiritual heart that provides an access point for intuitive guidance that’s much more expansive and inclusive than mental activity. With practice we can open our hearts to these information-filled higher frequencies.

Next time we explore how to access the non-physical presences that are with us — often called spiritual guides — in addition to the motherly-fatherly presence of God and the risen Jesus.