Accessing Spiritual Guides

Alchemy of Love by Rassouli

Alchemy of Love by Rassouli


Silence Among Us — Part Three

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— Attributed to Teilhard de Chardin

In Silence Among Us we turn our attention to others with us in our WeSpace group. In addition to the other group members, this would include non-physical presences such as God, Jesus, and, for some, spiritual guides. As spiritual beings, we should not be surprised that God has given us other spiritual beings to help us navigate through life. In addition to the divine motherly/fatherly spiritual presence and our Beloved Jesus in his risen energy body, there are the kind of saintly guides that Jesus experienced. Let’s look at the New Testament and these messengers. 

In addition to Moses and Elijah serving as spiritual guides to Jesus, the New Testament includes more than twenty conversations between these messengers and humans. Angelic spirit guides were with Jesus from birth (Luke 1:11; Luke 2:26) to temptation (Matt. 4:11), to death (Luke 22:43), to resurrection (Matt. 28:5).


Spiritual messengers appeared and freed the disciples in prison (Acts 5:17 – 21), to Phillip giving him travel plans to Gaza (Acts 8:26 – 38), to the Roman Centurion, Cornelius, to seek out Paul (Acts 10:3 – 7), to Paul sailing as a prisoner to Rome (Acts 27:23 – 24), and to John on Patmos flooding him with the visions of Revelation. The book of Revelation shows the saints worshipping God, singing hymns, playing instruments, and offering prayers for others on earth (Rev. 4:10, 5:8, 6:9-11.) Looks like the saints can not only guide us, but pray for us, too.  How about that!

The New Testament is very comfortable with spiritual messengers from God, named or unnamed. Why aren’t we?

We can get a clue by looking up “spiritual guides” on the internet. You will be bombarded with dire warnings of the Bible’s rejection of mediums, spiritual guides, and any kind of “talking to the dead.” These are always Old Testament verses because the New Testament makes a case for the discernment of spirits, not the rejection of them (I Cor. 12:10 and I John 4:1)!

Divine Emanation by Rassouli

Divine Emanation by Rassouli

Apparitions of Mary have been increasing around the world for the past 150 years, with more and more reports of visions of Mary in more and more places. Our time is the most active age of devotion to Mother Mary, more so than the ninth and twelfth centuries.

 Among recent visions are the apparitions of the Jesus’ mother, Mary, to six children in Medjugorje, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1981. They have received much attention and examination by the Catholic Church and other researchers. These children and their visions have been intensely studied, even while in the middle of their visionary experience. They are a contemporary example of a group all having the same visionary experience at the same time—similar to the visions of Moses and Elijah occurring to Peter, James and John simultaneously and of the risen Jesus occurring to the gathered disciples after the resurrection.

Who in the Bible, church history, or any highly evolved person now on the other side have you either found interesting or been spiritually attracted to?

Openness to enlightened spiritual guides from the other side.

Every time we connect with someone on the other side, this opens the pathway to that person in a greater way and makes them more available to everyone. Conversations with Jesus are likely the most deeply established ADCs (After Death Conversations) in the world.

If you are drawn to connect with any of the saintly spirit guides or divine entities, officially recognized or not, you can begin to explore this. You may read some of the books in the bibliography of Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? about visions of the saints and/ or inquire with others who have such experiences.

At some point, if it seems you are being guided, go ahead and explore this in your own prayer time. Ask Jesus about it, and listen for what words, images or intuitions come to your mind. If you get the response to go ahead, then begin by asking a saint you are drawn to if they would be your helper. See what happens. You may also find a loving spiritual guide coming to you whose name you do not know. That’s okay, too.

(For a more detailed account of my journey with spiritual guides see Is Your God Big Enough?  p. 353)