WeSpace Facilitator’s Guide


Facilitating a WeSpace group is very simple! So take a deep breath and relax. This brief guide will hopefully answer your questions and help you feel at ease with taking on this role.

Why facilitation?


We choose to have each member facilitate for several reasons:

1.    It empowers everyone to own the group.

2.    A form of loose leadership and “holding” is necessary for healthy group dynamics.

3.    Good facilitation makes everyone (including the facilitator!) comfortable and free to engage in the practice.

What do I do?

As facilitator, your only responsibilities are:  


1.    Holding the time
Track the time for each segment. Help the “Checking in” time to not linger on too long. Track the times for the meditation (if the group doesn’t have a designated “timer” person). Help the group transition from each section, if necessary, using the words from the WeSpace Process document.

2.    Holding the energy
How can you help carry the group into greater depth and love? This is a helpful question every time we are present in the group, but especially as facilitator. Can I share a little more from the heart? If I sense struggle in someone can I love and support them, even if just with affirming energy? Ask yourself a few questions like these, but don’t feel any pressure or burden from them.

3.    Holding the values
Make sure no one is trying to fix, save, or set each other straight. If that happens, just gently remind them of the group rules and move the conversation forward. Help seek love, trust, mysticism, and creativity.


That’s it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Luke at

Facilitator’s Cheat Sheet

1. Connection

“How is everybody doing today?”

2. Whole Body Awakening Meditation

“Let’s practice together, engaging our whole being in the spiritual energy within and among us.”

3. Listening

“Now let’s set our intention to listening and becoming aware of anything happening within us, the spiritual beings present, and one another’s energy fields.

4. Transmission

“At any time, in adition to listening and sharing, you may also transmit love and healing to anyone here, the whole group, or others outside of the group.”

5. Reflection

“Do you have any thoughts about how this time went for you?”


At first it will be helpful to say each of these phrases. As the group goes on and gets the rhythm of the practice, it will become less necessary to say these exact phrases—or in the case of 2-4, anything at all other than the bell chime.