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The integral-mystic lens sees prayer as inspired states of consciousness where we experience God in both relationship and identification.
— Paul Smith

 What Goes on in a WeSpace Group?

A WeSpace group in the Integral Christian Network is a spiritual community made up of five to eight people who want to practice mystical Christianity together. They meet locally or online, every other week for an hour and a half to two hours.  

While this practice continues to evolve, currently it has five main segments:

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1. Connection

  “How is everybody doing today?”

This is the time to connect with one another. We can share with one another however we like, but here are three suggestions:

1.     Check-in. This is the opportunity to share what significant things have been going on in your life lately. It’s important to engage in the everyday details—this is the relational field we most commonly operate in with others, and we should not discount it even in the pursuit of deeper connections.

2.     Spiritual Learning. Many participants also choose to share what they are learning spiritually, or experiences they’ve been having lately in their own prayer/meditation process.

3.     Ask a Question. This group is the perfect space for talking with one another about questions we may have related to the spiritual journey, our life situations, and evolving in our local contexts.

It’s important to see this as the beginning of the practice, not a precursor. Like the rest of the time, we want to approach this time primarily from our heart space. We allow for this segment to go anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. The facilitator then transitions the group (perhaps after a short personal break) into the meditation and prayer time.

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2. Whole Body Awakening Meditation

“Let’s practice together, engaging our whole being in the spiritual energy within and among us.”

Use an insight timer cell phone app pre-set for 15 minutes, with an opening chime to begin the time. For the first few group practices, Paul Smith and Luke Healy lead a guided meditation to familiarize everyone with the practice. There are also recorded guided meditations available on our website.

While many are familiar with mind practices of meditation, we enter into whole body practice in these groups. Including our heart moves us into the relational energetic space of love. Including our feet and gut in the practice allows us to be grounded and centered.

The full Whole Body Awakening practice description can be found at these links: Part One. Part Two.

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3. Listening

At the sound of the chime, begin to shift into listening. If you have already begun to do that in your meditation, that is perfectly ok. When we listen from Whole Body Awakened awareness, we are centered in our hearts as we become aware of words or images coming to mind. We open to sensations, feelings, bodily movements, and intuitions that may arise within us. We can also open to the spiritual beings present with us—such as God’s motherly fatherly presence, Jesus, and other spiritual guides. At any time now, feel free to share what you receive with the group. They may have to do with you, individuals in the group, or the group as a whole. This is a sort of “Quaker time,” where words, thoughts, and descriptions arising within us are offered from our heart space.

4. Transmission

 “At any time, in adition to listening and sharing, you may also transmit love and healing to anyone here, the whole group, or others outside of the group.”

Transmission occurs when the expanded consciousness of one person intentionally acts as what appears to be a channel—via their heart energy field—to another person’s heart energy field. This is facilitated by the recipient’s preparation and openness.

  • To the Individual

When someone is sharing something for an individual, the rest of the group can focus on that individual, attuning love, spiritual energy, and healing to him or her. This can happen in comfortable silence or in spoken words—sharing pictures, images, sensations, and intuitions that arise within us from awakened consciousness/spirit. We can also simply name a group member when we feel drawn to transmit to him/her.

  • To the Group 

This is not praying to God to touch another. This is praying from God to touch one another and the world. It is the divine center in you that is doing the touching!

During the practice, it is quite common to have a palpable sense of the group energy field. Many people, if they put their hands up, can feel a pressure against their palms. This is the physical perception of the spiritual energy present. We can interact with this energy of the group by sending more of our own heart love into the virtual circle. We may put our hands out “toward” a member, or perhaps hold the entire group. We can be creative in how we transmit and engage with the group energy.

  • To the World

We end the time sending our love and healing by raising our hands up into the air and directing our energy and love out into the world. This practice that we have shared and the love generated from it is sent up and out like a geyser. Participants can name individuals, groups, or locations, or they can just silently send their loving intention however they see fit.

The facilitator closes the active practice by saying (or leading the group in) one of the following litanies, or one of his/her own:

To God Beyond Us, in whom we live and move and have our being.
To God Beside Us, you are always with us.
To God Being Us, we are the light of the world.
And to all the suffering, oppressed, and needy of the world.


May we go out practicing the mystical heart:
Grounded and rooted in our divine identity for courageous creativity,
Transcendent and expanded into joyous freedom,
Engaged and embracing in loving bliss.
That we may be always evolving for the healing of the world.

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 4. Reflection

“Do you have any thoughts about how this time went for you?”

Following the closing litany, participants can share more about their experience, give feedback, ask questions, or reflect further on words or images shared. Sometimes people feel more comfortable sharing something in this time that they didn’t in the practice.

When those that want to share have done so, the group checks and confirms if the next scheduled meeting fits for most group members. If not, pick one together that works. If needed, the group also chooses the facilitator(s) for the next meeting.

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