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Communities of Practice for Mystical Christianity

Image credit: Road to Emmaus by Robyn Sand Anderson

WeSpace is the space between us, as distinct from the space solely inside or outside us. An Integral Christian Network WeSpace group is a collective community of practice focused on whole body awakening, mystical experience, and evolutionary transformation. Our WeSpace practice specifically looks to share in creative experience of an infinite, intimate, and inner God through reflecting about God, relating to God, and resting as God together. When we engage these practices together, sharing in the energy fields of one another, spiritual guides, and the presence of Jesus, there is an elevation of the level and intensity of the experience of God’s presence.


Many spiritual practices engage one or two of the faces of God, but almost no Christian practices involve all three. In particular, many Christians have lost or neglected both the WeSpace with God, Jesus, or other spiritual guides and the WeSpace with others on the same journey. WeSpace practice reawakens and restores us to intimacy in our spiritual lives through relating with spiritual presences in awakened consciousness and with one another in ways that encourage and expand everyone’s journey.

When we consistently welcome God, Jesus, spiritual guides, and one another in the awakened, compassionate, relational field — together with reflecting about God and resting in union with God — we experience transformational connection, growth, and love.  

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Where do progressive, post-moderns, and integrally-informed Christians go to learn about the deeper meditative and prayer practices where Jesus and integral prayer are fully integrated into their practice?  Where do we find higher stage mystical practices both with spiritual realties and others on the same journey? 

WeSpace communities come together in shared purpose with a dedicated commitment to practice together. In joining with other Christians truly seeking growth, transformation, and loving evolution, we find a rare spiritual community that is empowering without coercion, encouraging without guilt, and enlivening with hope.

To not just be alone with God together—but to be together with God together—this actually increases our own inner capacity of consciousness, growth, and love.
— Luke Healy

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