Integral Christian Network

What is the Christianity of tomorrow?

How do we cultivate the evolution of Christian consciousness, practice, and community?

We believe that happens through bringing people together, people like you, to actively participate in mystical engagement and WeSpace expressions. We believe that happens through empowering each one of you into a network of evolved participatory spiritual practice. We believe that happens through creating space where you can develop into greater mystical seeing and sensing of the world around you. We believe that happens through gathering us all to connect in better forms of spiritual community.

The only way this work is possible is through generous donations from people like you, people who believe in this work and want to be a part of seeing it grow.
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We truly desire for this entire endeavor to be a co-creative act. True progress happens through empowerment of the gifts and skills of all. We understand financial contribution to be just one small but important dynamic of that reality. We understand not all are able to give. We support inclusivity so that anyone who wants to be a part of this network can. We invite your contributions in whatever form or substance you’re able to offer.