Integral Christian Network

The work of evolving Christianity is no small task. We believe the best way to see change manifest to any degree is through the collaborative work and experience of communities of practice. Unfortunately, this is quite often not the focus of local churches. Many other types of organizations lead with content and education, in part, because those things are traditionally valued as monetary commodities in our society. Community is not something we’re used to paying for, and in many ways that’s a good thing. The Integral Christian Network wants to avoid buy-ins or membership requirements for our spiritual communities. We seek to resist the commodification of members.

But then how does the work happen? It happens through people believing in a process more than paying to receive a product. It happens through investment in building a new future for spiritual community. It happens through generosity, hope, and vision.

Your donations at this time will facilitate the emergence of this network by enabling paid work time for the network developer/moderator. They will also make possible the opportunity to develop a full offering of WeSpace groups available.

Please support our work in facilitating and cultivating the evolution of Christianity.

We truly desire for this entire endeavor to be a co-creative act. True progress happens through empowerment of the gifts and skills of all. We understand financial contribution to be just one small but important dynamic of that reality. We understand not all are able to give. We support inclusivity so that anyone who wants to be a part of this network can. We invite your contributions in whatever form or substance you’re able to offer.