Discovering The Three Faces

of God

1. God big enough for our mind

Behind every aspect of God, from awesome to intimate, that Jesus talked about was always the I Am God that was revealed to Moses. This is the God who is not a being but rather being itself. This is the Infinite God in whom we live, and more, and have our being.

God that is big enough for our minds is also beyond our minds and our descriptions—God beyond God. Still, we must reflect and talk about this infinite Face of God beyond us as far as our words and image can take us.

Big Enough.jpg
Close Enough.jpg

2. God close enough for our heart

Jesus showed us what it is like to have an intimate, heart-centered relationship with this awesome I Am God who comes to us personally as a living presence in loving, motherly, fatherly ways. After the resurrection, the early church began giving the living presence of Jesus the same devotion they gave to God.

Following Jesus’ model of connecting personally to the living presence of Moses and Elijah at the Transfiguration, Christians, down through the ages, have found other saints such as Mary coming to them as spiritual, guides channeling the divine presence, encouragement, and guidance. This is the intimate Face of God beside us.

3.  God us enough for our deepest identity

Jesus so identified with God inwardly, that he acted as God’s hands, feet, and voice to the world around him. He was in such communion and union with God that he realized he was one with God.  

He invites us to that same identification which is simply the inner realization that we are all already made in the image and likeness of God. We, too, are participants in the divine nature. Owning, embracing, and manifesting this is a beautiful challenge in our lives. This is the inner Face of God being us.