What About Spiritual Guides?

The Transfiguration by  Karl Henrich Bloch

The Transfiguration by Karl Henrich Bloch


Silence Among Us — Part Two

The above painting, rather than being called The Transfiguration, could be called a dramatic moment in Jesus’ very own WeSpace group!

Jesus, Peter, James and John, with whom Jesus lots of spent time for several years, had spent the day talking as they walked up the mountain path — called “Checking In in WeSpace lingo.

At some point things got quiet and Jesus began to pray, and perhaps his three friends did too, until they fell asleep!  This (without the sleep) is called Co-mediation/prayer in the WeSpace agenda.

Then the most intense part of the mountain top meeting began as two many-centuries-dead heroes of the Jewish tradition, Moses and Elijah, appeared in living, visionary color and sound. In their non-physical, but recognizable energy field forms, they were giving encouragement to Jesus — what WeSpace calls Transmission.” What was special is that Peter, James, and John, having been shocked into the visionary subtle realm of awakened consciousness by the powerful spiritual energy floating around them, were seeing Moses and Elijah, too! All the energetic fields were alive with dramatic, life-changing transmissions. Then God got directly involved and there was more transforming transmission going on from God to all four of the remaining spiritual beings who were still in their physical bodies.

When Moses and Elijah went back to being dead guys on the other side, Jesus and his three friends had a heated conversation about what had happened in the transmission time — called “Sharing” in the closing time of the WeSpace group. Keep this mountain top meeting in mind when reflecting about what can go on in a WeSpace group. Jesus could not have given us a more graphic model!

transfiguration us.jpg

Jesus’ awakened subtle state transformation into dazzling light was a sneak preview of our future. Remember, you are the light of the world, too!

Our spiritual guides are already in the subtle awakened realm. We actually have the ability to get into that same realm of consciousness with them so we can communicate. We don’t need to wait until after we die for that!

Spiritual Guides


In the Silence among us” time in our WeSpace groups, while still remaining in silence, we move from our own inner silence to becoming aware of the others present in our group. We don’t limit our awareness to those physically present, but we also seek to become aware of the non-physical presences with us. This would include God’s all-enveloping motherly-fatherly presence, the risen Jesus, and other spiritual guides. We may not often get Moses and Elijah, but we do have some other quite interesting saints.

In integral terms, this occurs in subtle awakened consciousness. Our guides live there, and we can learn to get there while still in this physical body. In terms of the Big Three of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, this is the second person We Space of relating to others, including non-physical presences. In the history of the church there have been millions of reported and unreported appearances and conversations with various saints. Every time this happens, in Wilber’s terminology, a deeper “cosmic groove” is cut, making it easier for others to access these guides.

Today, what are traditionally called saints are often referred to as spiritual guides. I like that terminology because it takes it out of the realm of the religiously loaded idea of being “saintly” into the realm of those who have gained a certain maturity and wisdom, transitioned to the other side, and are available to help guide and encourage us. The phrase “spiritual guides” refers to spiritual messengers, both non-physical angelic entities and deceased saints in spiritual form from the other side who are invested in helping others on this side. 

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Every time you read about angels in the Bible you are reading about spiritual guides. If you look up the Greek word ἄγγελος (aggelos) in any Greek dictionary you will see that it always and simply means “messenger.” It is the translator’s decision to turn “messenger” into the traditional “angel” and it is most often translated as “angels” and only sometimes as “messengers.” These translators are trying to make a self-imposed distinction — whether the messenger is divine or human. Nowhere in the Bible are angels described as having wings, except for a special class called “cherubims.”


These spirit guides are present down throughout church history and today. Relating to the saints who have passed on is a part of all the historic groups of Christians (Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Armenians, Copts, etc.) except for Protestants. 

God has given spirit guides to those of us who need help in navigating through life. Evolving integral Christians can integrate a mature mystical worldview and the ontological presence of spiritual beings as guides — even if we do not personally connect with any of those guides ourselves.

When we consistently welcome God, Jesus, spiritual guides, and one another in the awakened, healing, relational field, we experience transformational connection, growth, and love. Just like Peter, James, and John did 2000 years ago on the mountaintop.

The Transfiguration by Cornelis Monsma

The Transfiguration by Cornelis Monsma


Next week: Accessing your spiritual guides